Back To School: Edgy

You can not deny that the 90s are back!
Over the past few years we've been seeing a lot more leather and neon colors, straight from the 80s.  But I'd say for the past year, especially this school season, fashion from the 90s have taken over the mall!
I chose this cute and simple H&M top ($13) because it's acceptable for school, yet it's still playful and very versatile.  By adding the faux leather H&M skirt ($23) it gives the whole outfit an edgy vibe without being too over the top.  The red Converse ($70) keep it casual and add a pop of color.  I'm in love with this backpack from Warehouse ($59), it's simple and because it has the gold accents it matches everything! The cross necklace by Lori's Shoes ($15) brings back the edgy vibe and pairing it with the gold chain by Adia Kibur ($70) adds another touch of the 90s.  The Nikki Baker ring ($150) is a tad pricey, but I love investing in quality rings and this one is gorgeous.  One of my favorite nail varnishes at the moment is actually Penny Talk by Essie ($8) and it adds a bit to the outfit without drawing too much attention away.  Then last but certainly not least is the flower crown!  I am obsessed with this gorgeous rose crown from Asos ($64), yes it's up there in price but it's so worth it.  It's obviously a statement piece, so totally own the look and feel confident when rocking it!
One thing I love about this outfit is how every piece is something that you can mix and match to get your use out of!  Whether it's a pair of jeans or a pair of heels that you swap in, you can change this look so easily.