Review: Revlon Nail Polish "Zealous"

I've on the hunt for a fairly cheap unique nail color lately, and I found my new favorite!

The actual color is darker, but it was hard to capture the true color.

Zealous is a bright yellow with a hint of lime, so it's interesting and eye catching.  I love the bottle, brush, and formula of the nail polish!  It's not too thick, and I did have to put on several coats (2-3) but it's a bright color so I was expecting that.  It dries quickly, which was needed since I painted my nails while I was working at the boutique (in my defense the store was dead that Monday morning.)  There is a slight shimmer in the polish that I didn't really notice off the bat, I really love it.

This is the true color!

Honestly, I'm a little annoyed at myself that I didn't discover this color earlier!  It's the perfect spring/summer color, and I'm bummed that it's already August.  I personally love this color, but I feel like it's going to be either a love or hate with others.  I completely recommend Zealous, and I will be purchasing more colors from Revlon's nail polish line!