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1. Mossimo - $25
2. Penelope - $183 
3. Krisp Soft - $37
4. Cole Hann Sabrina - $198

I remember just about every Christmas growing up, one of my dads presents would be a pair of loafer slippers.  Who would have thought that they would become a trend in 2012, and I am madly in love with it!  It's a wonderful way to add masculinity to any look, and you can incorporate it in with so many different designs.  As you can see from above, I chose two different studded loafers, the Penelope ones have more of an edgy vibe since they're black and the gold studs are pointed, while the Krisp Soft loafers are a neutral color with rounded gold studs to make it more subtle.  I adore the older vibe of the Mossimo loafers, they remind me of a pair my lovely Grandmother would wear, but with a twist of color.  I am on the hunt for a pair that are similar to the Cole Hann Sabrina loafers though!  I think I saw a pair like them at Target but I'm not completely sure.  I am obsessed with the boldness of the color but yet the shoe is so simple and timeless.  This is one of my biggest fashion wants at the moment.

1. Dr. Denim - $72
2. Brooklyn Bis Delux - $200
3. OASAP - $14
4. Krisp Soft - $37
5. Maison Martin Margiela - $445
6.Valentino - $1,795
7. Essie "Pink-a-Boo" - $8

I wanted to incorporate the Krisp Soft loafers because they're a more feminine but edgy look and they're also inexpensive.  I fell in love with these vibrant bold pink Dr. Denim skinnys, and I threw in this skull t-shirt to add to the edgy vibe.  I wanted to bring some character into the look by adding the dream catcher necklace, and the Maison Martin Margiela bracelet.  This Valentino bag is to die for, so gorgeous and I love the hard-wear on it.  I finished the look by adding the "Pink-a-Boo" nail varnish to bring a girly twist back into the look.

Are you going to rock loafers?