Gimme: Perfume

First off, I wanted to apologize for being MIA this past week!
I'm trying to post every other day, but I've had a crazy past two weeks and I just haven't had the time.

A huge downside to being unemployed and broke is not having the money to buy a new perfume!  Every single perfume I own is empty, and body sprays don't last long enough!  But some here are three that are totally going on my Christmas List, hahah even though Christmas is three months away (I've tried all of these from either samples, past bottles I've owned, or I have a friend that has it)..  I'm in love with Daisy by Marc Jacobs, it's the perfect scent for spring and summer!  When you first spray it, it reminds me of freshly cut grass but sweeter, but the dry down is more musky but still light.  I think the bottle is adorable, it's youthful but not tacky.  Vera Wang's Princess perfume has been a favorite of mine ever since it was first released.  Unfortunately it doesn't last long, but I always receive compliments when I wear it.  It's a sweet and feminine scent, but it's also mature.  You can't really go wrong with this scent, it's absolutely gorgeous.  Lastly, Fame by Lady Gaga!  I love the bottle, and I'm so glad the topper comes off completely, the gold does.  I'm fascinated by the "black" liquid, but it doesn't dry dark and doesn't stain.  I would describe it as a strong apricot smell with some honey, the dry down to me is a ripe-apricot.  It lasts for a while on my skin, I don't know about others.  I love it!

What are your favorite perfumes?