To Live Will Be An Awfully Big Adventure

On Friday, September 14, 2012, my Aunt Sue passed away.  I've lost several important people in my life, and it never gets any easier.  Some of the fondest memories of my Aunt include watching Hook, the Peter Pan movie that has real actors, while playing with her Smurf figurines or Jenga.  She loved the story of Peter Pan, and the movie Hook because it wasn't so childish.  Even my brother Anthony, who is six years older than me shares these same memories of her.  I've decided that in honor of my Aunt, I want a tattoo.  I would love to get it soon, but that costs money that I don't have.  There's a quote in the movie Hook that Peter says, "to live will be an awfully big adventure."  I love that quote so much.  It reminds me of my Aunt because of her love for Hook, and she experienced so many things in her life.  I want it as a tattoo as a constant reminder of her, and that you should live life to the fullest because it is too short.

Although I have what I want done picked out, I still don't know where I want it done..  I adore collarbone tattoos, but I also love shoulder blade tattoos like these:

Pay no attention to the tattoo itself, just the placement.
I can't decide which I prefer, I'm leaning towards the collarbone though!
Now I have to decide on the script and what tattoo shop to go to!

Do you have any tattoos?