Gimme: Jeffrey Campbell Litas

1-4.  All are Litas by Jeffrey Campbell

The first time I ever laid my eyes on a pair of Litas was in I believe grade seven, and it was on my Tumblr.  I first saw the solid black leather pair (1) and I've wanted a pair ever since.  They're beautiful and such a statement shoe, but yet they're not too much.  I've heard they're comfortable, but I wouldn't know for sure since I don't own a pair.  I love how you can find a pair in just about any color and style!!  There's such a great variety and each individual style is unique.  They start out at about $160, but you can find them on-sale for about $120 at Urban Outfitters every once in a while.  I plan on purchasing a pair as soon as I graduate, I'm thinking a present to myself hehe.

1. H&M - $49
2. YSL - $1,245
3. Top Shop - $28
4. Jeffrey Campbell Lita - $228
5. Windsor - $13
6. Marc Jacobs - $557
7. Essie: Blues - $8

I fell in love with these Litas instantly!  The detail of the white shoes are just stunning, so I wanted to keep the theme girly and paired it with a lovely H&M dress.  Then decided to add some edge by throwing in a chain necklace and the spiked and skull bangle set.  I adore this clutch by Marc Jacobs and I thought the color combination was perfect, so I chose the vibrant but subtle blue and decided nail varnish was another great way to tie blue into the look!

What do you think of Litas?