Fashion Obsessions: Combat Boots

1. - $275
2. Dr. Martens - $130
3. Steve Madden -$169
4. Madden Girl - $60

One of my most recent Fashion Obsessions has been combat boots!  I've wanted a pair of Dr. Martens for years, but I'm young and broke so that hasn't happened yet.  Recently I purchased a pair of Madden Girl brown boots from Journeys and I've been wearing them constantly.  I think they're a perfect way to transition into the fall, even though I live in Florida and we don't have fall weather I still rock mine!  The first pair are black and are more military style, I think these are an awesome way to ad an edge to any outfit.  The second pair are floral and bulky, I love these paired with dresses!  They add a masculine feel to a girly outfit.  The third pair are distressed looking with studs, which I LOVE!  Studs are so big right now, and just add so much to a look.  I personally love these with girly outfits as well, since the contrast is so big.  Then the fourth pair are very similar to the pair I own, but mine don't fold down.  These to me look like a mix betweet combat boots and riding boots, so they're not so much a staple.  I really love these with a pair of jeans and a slouchy t-shirt, since the boots make it look like you put more effort into your outfit.  You can get combat boots practically anywhere that sells shoes, and you can wear them with virtually anything and it will look good!  I really don't see these going out of style anytime soon.

1. River Island - $32
2. - $43
3. Marc By Marc Jacobs - $83
4. Steve Madden - $100

5. Top Shop - $18
6. Rebecca Minkoff - -$295
 7. Butter London: The Full Monty - $14

Now, I wanted to show you an example of how I would style combats boots with a feminine outfit.  I chose a beige rose jumper, I love how it's distressed so it adds a grungy feel to the look.  I paired it with a pair of beige skinny jeans, since I chose a baggy jumper the jeans should be form fitting to balance out the outfit.  I then added a Rebecca Minkoff clutch for a pop of color, as well as a Marc by Marc Jacobs necklace.  I picked Butter London's nail varnish in The Full Monty because it's a gorgeous color and goes with the scheme.  Then I chose this two finger spike ring from Top Shop to bring a more rustic feel to go along with the Steve Madden 'Troopa' Boots, which add a masculine and distressed feel to the overall look.

How would you style a pair of combat boots?