Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

I know I always have my girl friends ask me for gift ideas for their beau, so I thought it'd be cool to make a post about some gift ideas for both boys and gals!  There are so many factors that help decide the price range, such as how long you have been in a relationship or just your income.  So I definitely think that every couple should discuss a price range before exchanging gifts, you don't want that awkward moment when you spend $20 and they spend $200!

His:  Shoes are always a safe choice, you can go simple and classic with a pair of Chuck Taylors or mix it up with a pair of Dr. Martens!  I love both on guys, and you could also get a pair of vans.  Hats are another safe choice, this fedora by Metier is pretty rad, but sadly it's pricey!  This Woolrich beanie is cool, simple, and inexpensive!  These W/SUN sunglasses are so sick and modern looking, keep an eye out this summer because I'm sure they'll be everywhere.  I love me some Burberry cologne, just make sure it's something you and your beau both like before purchasing it. Lastly, these Nicole Miller headphones!  I know I love my Sony over-ear headphones, they sound so much better than in-ear headphones.  You can go inexpensive with the Nicole Miller or Sony headphones, or bump up the price with a pair of Beats.

Hers:  Jewelry is hot hot hot for Valentine's Day, which is why I chose these earrings from Juicy and the necklace from Tiffanys.  The earrings are so gorgeous and inexpensive, but the necklace is adorable and unique!  I also chose a pair of sunglasses for the ladys, I thought these aviators are great!  I love this little clutch by Betsey Johnson, it's so cute and simple.  The Vera Wang Princes perfume is a favorite of mine, and it's such a wonderful smell.  I picked a pair of Jeffrey Campbell Litas because they're so romantic and simple, but yet they're a statement shoe.  Lastly, I picked the set of 4 mini OPI nail varnishes from Sephora!  I love mini sets, that way you can test out different colors or items, you can't go wrong with them!

What are you doing for Valentine's Day?
I don't have any plans yet!