Look-alike: Kourtney Kardashian's Outift

I have over 30 episodes of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, and another 20 episodes of Kourtney and Kim Take New York saved on my DVR, you could say that I'm a tad bit obsessed.. But you can't blame me, the family is full of head strong, powerful, and determined women.  Some may think they come off spoiled or bratty, but I personally love Khloe's sass, Kim's humor, and how Kourtney can be super mature one minute and hilarious the next.

If you pay attention to the ladies at all, than you know that they each have different styles with similar aspects.  Kourtney tends to cover up more than Kim or Khloe, which in my opinion is totally respectable since she is a mother of two.  I adore both Mason and Penelope, and I am all for Lord Disick.  I love the clips of when Kourtney and Scott are alone and goofy, they're so cute together.

So I decided to do a look-alike for Kourtney's outfit pictured below, now I imagine this candid is an older one (look at how little Mason is!)  But her outfit fits the fall season perfectly, and I think it's really timeless.
1. Tory Burch - $695
2. Theory - $220
3. Chatsworth - $45
4. Adriano Goldschmied - $159
5. Wall Is Fashion - $21
6. Steve Madden - $60

I really love the simplicity of this outfit, and how all of the pieces are timeless.  I first picked out the black jeans and  the white button up, which were extremely easy since practically every clothing company sells them.  I added the Chatsworth sunglasses, may I mention that I love the round frame shape?  Kourtney pulls them off so well!  I actually prefer the belt I chose instead of the one that Kourtney's wearing, I like the shape of the gold and the texture better compared to hers.  Then the Steve Madden black oxfords can be found anywhere from Target to JCPenny.  Than last but certainly not least, is the Tory Burch cheetah print handbag.  Kourtney's handbag is a bucket bag, but I couldn't find a cheetah print bucket bag so I chose this Tory Burch one.  I love how it's structured, so it doesn't look cheap like most cheetah print pieces.  It's something that you can pair with just about any outfit, and is a great statement handbag!  This is a great go-to fall outfit, and everyone should have at least one of these pieces in their closet to begin with.

Who is your style icon?