Look-for-Less: Taylor Swift

It's no secret that I am completely obsessed with Miss Taylor Swifts new album Red!  My favorite track at the moment would have to be Stay Stay Stay, it's so catchy and up beat.  As I mentioned in my American Music Awards 2012: Best Dressed post, Taylor is one of my style icons and I love seeing candids of her when she's not all dolled up for events.

I have no idea when this photo was taken. 
But the caption says it was in London in 2012, so let's go with that!  

1. QLook - $7.99
2. Forever21 - $33
3. Ann Taylor - $48
4. QUBE - $30
5. New Look - $27
6. Jayna - $50

The statement piece of her outfit is the black and white polka-dot sweater, and I adore it!  I really want more statement sweaters, and this one is perfect.  I tried finding formal red pants, but the closest ones I found was this pair by New Look.  I couldn't find open toed bow shoes, but I love this pair by QUBE.  Obviously real pearl necklace would be expensive, and the point of this post is to show you how to achieve the same look for less, which is why I chose this Ann Taylor necklace.  The necklace is simple, but yet formal at the same time.  I wrapped up this look with this simple Jayna brown satchel bag.  The grand total for the entire outfit is: $195.99!

Who is your celebrity style icon?