Now Trending: Peter Pan Collar

1. Blue Inc - $40
2. My Theresa - $596
3. Miso - $24

So this trend has been hot hot hot for a few months now, and I'm obsessed.  I think something as simple as a collar can add so much to an outfit, but it doesn't put it over the top.  The rounded shape of the peter pan collar adds a touch of more feminine, which is wonderful since leather is so popular this fall, and the best part is it's so easy to get your hands on!  I've seen peter pan collars in so many stores, such as American Eagle, JCPenny, Dillards, Urban Outfitters, Forever 21, and so many other stores.  This trend is very easy to incorporate into your wardrobe, and I don't see this going out of style anytime soon.

1. Superfine Friend - $1,375
2. Blue Inc - $40
3. Hot Topic - $12
4. Marc by Marc Jacobs - $626
5. Kenneth Cole - $24
6. Alexander McQueen - $295
7. Essie : Mezmerised - $8

I'm loving the leather trend this year, and how it brings masculinity to anything, so I paired it with a girly top that has a peter pan collar, it's a great mix of the two opposites.  I added the Hot Topic bracelet to add an edge, and the Marc by Marc Jacobs bag because it has a more neutral vibe and goes along well with the entire outfit.  I thought these Kenneth Cole earrings and the Alexander McQueen ring were both stunning! (Alexander McQueen is my favorite designer, may he rest in peace)  I adore the color and vibrancy of Mezmerised by Essie, it's just the perfect touch of color.  I just realized I forgot to add shoes to the look, but you could easily dress it up with a great pair of nude pumps or dress it down with a pair of flats.
Are you also in love with the peter pan collar?